Make your Barbecue Marinade Zing

Sometimes the flavor of the meat you are grilling isn’t enough for you. Sometimes, when you are grilling for guests with more advanced palettes, you will require a zestier, zingier taste. If this is the case, you don’t have to look further than the barbecue marinade you are going to use.

When barbecuing, adding extra flavor to the meat can make your meal stand out from everyone else’s. You can become this extra flavor by marinade your meat so your food will get that extra kick.

So, what exactly is a marinade? A marinade is a seasoned liquid that you use to soak your meats and other foods in prior to cooking. The food will absorb the seasons and zest and have an extra flavor added they wouldn’t normally have.

Barbecue Marinade

For a barbecue marinade, this means that the meal would be soaked in the marinade before being placed on the grill, or that you will apply it while the meat is cooking in certain circumstances.

There are all sorts of marinades, going from a zesty barbecue marinade that has barbecue sauce, steak sauce, beer, whiskey, garlic, Worcester sauce, pepper, onion, hot sauce and brown sugar to a teriyaki marinade that consists of oil, ginger, soy sauce, garlic, and molasses.

Some, such as the zesty marinade, require the meat to be soaked in the marinade for up to 6 hours. Others, like a raspberry marinade consisting of raspberry juice and raspberry vinegar, asked to be based on while the meat cooks.

With barbecue marinades, there’s always room for innovation. Thousands of combinations of flavors and seasonings exist, with thousands more undiscovered. The means to making the marinade are limitless while the ends are justified with an advanced palette.

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