Brooklyn Yarn Cafe
Sewing Class Schedules
At Brooklyn Yarn Cafe we offer several types of Sewing Classes
  • Basic Sewing Class
  • Advance Sewing Class
  • Pattern Making
  • Quilting Class
  • Pillow Making Class
  • Tote Making Class
We are very flexible and understand that people have to work at times. You can start your new sewing class at anytime. Pick the Day and we teach you how to sew! If for some reason while you into your 5 weeks and can not make it for some reason....No Problem... you have class credits coming to you!
 Just call us and we will work it all out for you...

Also....You start your class each week at the level you are at.
No need to wait for a specific class to begin your classes....

               1st Step Beginners Sewing Class

In this 5 week session,
 Its a relaxed setting and you progress each week when you come and work with a different pattern and new class assignment. We provide the use of the sewing machines. But your welcome to bring your own.


You will make the following:

Week 1----Tote Bag
Project Cost $20.00


Week 2...Apron---Project Cost $20.00

Week 3... Pajama Pants--Project Cost $39.00

Week 4 & 5....
Ladies a Skirt or Dress. For Men a Zippered Hoodie.
Project Cost $49.00


Beginners One Time Quickie Sewing Class

And basic class learning how to use a sewing machine and make a beautiful Tote bag! The class is hands on with Amazing Sewing teachers to make you feel comfortable and knowledgeable with sewing when you leave this class.

Fall & Winter 2014
Class Sewing Schedule!

 Tuesdays 10am-1pm
1pm - 4pm

Tuesdays 6pm-9pm

Fridays 6pm-9pm
Saturdays 10am-1pm  or 1-4 (twice a month)
Sundays 1pm-4pm

For faster response for scheduling,

Please email us at

Step 2 
Advance Sewing Class

                             This is a 7 Week Course that's 3 hours of Sewing Each Class.

On sale for $499.00


Week #1 ------Blouse or Shirt with collar and button holes
Week # 2------finishing 
Week # 3-------- A Dress or pair of Pants Of Choice
Week # 4 -------- finishing
Week # 5 & 6----Coat
Week 7 Advance class sewing refresh classes or project finishing class.

Serger  Sewing Class

This is a  week Course. Basic sewing required.
You will make the following each week.

Week # 1-----Getting to Know your Serger
Week # 2-----Tshirts
Week # 3 Sweat Pants or Shorts

Week # 4 & 5 ---Wrap Dress or Zippered Hoodie
Week # 6 ---Pillow Case

On Sale

Sewing Classes

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