4 Countertop Appliances Your Kitchen Needs Immediately

Whether you’re looking to revamp and upgrade your kitchen with new appliances or looking to reduce your workload in the kitchen, small countertop appliances will always be handier than you’d imagine but not all appliances.

So which are the right ones?  We’ll make it simpler to choose by cutting down the list to 4 of the most useful countertop appliances you need right now.

A blender

Whether you’re looking to prep a few fresh smoothies for the evening run or want to slice and dice the vegetables as dinner prep, with a blender you can get it all done within seconds. You can puree stuff, prep dips, mix custard etc.

Get a blender with a strong motor i.e. about 500-600 watt and a durable jar. Polycarbonate jars tend to be sturdy and reliable. Also, it should have enough room to fit in the ingredients needed for the smoothie or cook.

Toaster Oven

Yes, we agree a toaster oven is quite bulky as compared to standard toaster but they also offer double the features. With it, you also heat your bagels, waffles or even use it to melt cheese, chocolate etc. High-end oven toasters make cooking pizzas or burger patties easier and can also perform most functions of a microwave.

Even if you’re in for a budget model look for one that offers temperature control, broil setting and a toasting option. Also, get along with them a few extra baking sheets and broiler pans.

Toaster Oven

Small Grill

While you may have an outdoor grill, setting it up or even cleaning it post a cook is tough so for frequent usage a countertop griddle works best and prepares you a hearty and healthy lunch or dinner within minutes.

These grills can help you get done with party foods such as such as burgers, fish, waffles, even pizzas or grilled sandwiches as long as it comes with a floating hinge. To make cleaning easy, ensure the grill has removable plates. Interchangeable grills offer you the ability to use the grill even as a griddle, waffle maker etc.

Food processor

Everything a blender can or cannot do a food processor can. It is capable of chopping, grinding, slicing, and pureeing and with its wide range of attachments it even kneads dough or cake batter. With it even you’ll save loads of time otherwise spent chopping, slicing etc.

The only reason we’d recommend a blender over a food processor is that of the processor’s high cost but for those with no budget problems, here’s a sleek, elegant yet powerful option.

Look for a food processor with a powerful motor, a jar large enough for all ingredients to fit into, a sleek and durable design as it adds to the look of the kitchen and one that can perform tons of other tasks such as a grating, kneading etc.

Food processor

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